UniFi Custom Firmware Test (based on FW )

Since the device platform and custom firmware it's pretty much the same like the previous RT-N12-B1, I just did some quick over the weekend for about 2 days.




System connected to UniFi as follows, both internet vlan.500 & IPTV vlan.600 no problem !


WiFi Test : Mixed mode with WPA/WPA2-TKIP+AES @20Mhz

Result quite similar to RT-N12-B1, stable ranging 8.8~9.1MB/s throughout

LANTest result, not bad for the budget entry device with Broadcom Smile


WiFi Test : N-only with WPA2+AES @40Mhz

It started with more than 11MB/s, the connection speed even show max 300Mhps Surprised ....

However after a while, it started to reduce and settling down to around ~10MB/s
Also noticed the speed show up and down between 150~216Mbps range, not sure why, may be the initial burst over already for such a huge file transferred consistently ..... Tongue out


Tested for about 2 days, no hang no drop no disconnection/reconnection issue on my HG850a

Total about 17 devices connected, ranging from PCs, NAS, laptops, mobile & i-something devices, Xbox360, etc ....

All ok, the custom firmware it's good to go UniFi, enjoy the new toy ! Laughing


Click HERE for UniFi custom firmware & setup