Custom Firmware by Padavan

I came across this custom firmware made by a Russian called Padavan, he really took the effort to modify, enhance & unlock many features based on the stock ASUS firmware, thanks & credits go to his great work ! Smile

The stock rather unusual QoS function (which I still have no idea how it works) was taken out completely, on top of his enhancement works, all the rest of stock features remain, it's still UniFi-able with his enhancement work ! Laughing



Read on to see additional features & function by Padavan on this black diamond ......



G/N mode is finally available ! Also the regional regulation selection option.

5GHz spectrum

Multicast selection

Multicast for IPTV over wifi, on both spectrum?!  This is really interesting .... Cool




Ethernet switch speed control by ports, hmmmm wonder what's the main usage here .....




I didn't know this device has hardware NAT, really cool ! Cool

Localised ISP special requirement for Malaysia & Singapore remain unchange

Able to support more DDNS, nice!

VPN passthrough option


USB Feature


This is another breakthrough, able to run optware !! Cool

Net net filtering feature ....





Self configurable WPS button, also the Telnet & SSH access, nice !! Smile


WiFi Test

The first thing I want to test is wireless performance, I remembered some time ago my last test on the initial custom firmware, the 2.4GHz was around 6~7MB/s and 5GHz was around 11~12MB/s

Now, with the same old Acer TM8371G laptop, I get this :

2012-03-25 00.16.26-WiFi2.4.jpg2012-03-25 00.17.07.jpg2012-03-25 00.17.56.jpg2012-03-25 00.18.09.jpg2012-03-25 00.19.10.jpg2012-03-25 00.21.52.jpg2012-03-25 00.23.04.jpg2012-03-25 00.24.18.jpg2012-03-25 00.25.51.jpg2012-03-25 00.27.16.jpg2012-03-25 00.28.05.jpg2012-03-25 00.28.36.jpg2012-03-25 00.29.24.jpg2012-03-25 00.30.40.jpg2012-03-25 00.31.20.jpg2012-03-25 00.32.04.jpg2012-03-25 00.32.30.jpg2012-03-25 00.33.17.jpg2012-03-25 00.34.02.jpg2012-03-25 00.36.00.jpg


Speed Test result for both 2.4GHz (G/N mixed mode) & 5GHz (N-only+AES@40Mhz):


Honestly, I'm very surprised with the 2.4GHz performance, even with it's hidden antenna, I can still get more than 10MB/s on my 3 years old laptop, something even stronger than those external exposed antenna devices.  Likewise the 5GHz also improved further from previous, I'm sure the speed could be faster with newer laptop & wireless adapter.

Overall I must say it's impressive, the Russian seem to make this diamond fly ! Laughing

ApproveExcellent work Padavan !!


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