RT-N16 New Firmware UI Released !!

A complete overhaul new firmware with lots of new features + functions + really nice UI !! Cool
As promised, ASUS delivered the new UI with UniFi support, thanks & credit to ASUS team !! smilie

Shall we call this the ASUSWRT ?! Laughing


I purposely disconnect & re-connect with new IP to start the following testings.


Traffic Manager (QoS)

A complete re-write QoS engine, with respective down/up load bandwidth setting, by IP/Ports/Protocols, even comes with some pre-configured QoS settings, impressive !! Cool

Choose User-define QoS from the drop-down

and define QoS rules manually as wishes !

Comes with the following pre-configured QoS for easy selection & setup

with graphical display !



USB Application - Torrenting!

Another completely re-write torrent downloading application, finally a full feature torrent client ! Laughing Read further to discover what's the torrent application ........

After I plug-in a Seagate 640GB USB external 2.5" HDD, the USB Application will comes up automatically, click "Install" for new HDD installation process.

The device auto-detect the USB HDD, click on the HDD to continue installation.


Yes, there is no need to download or install anything on your PC already, the device will install packages onto the HDD directly, sweet ! Kiss

Installation completed


Go back to the USB application again, noticed the Download Master appeared, click on it to continue

Enter the device user ID & password

Wah-la, full feature torrent application !!

Quickly threw some torrents, full speed on my VIP5 !! smilie

I set the following down/up load to limit torrenting and preserve some bandwidth


Guess what, it runs on Transmission 2.21 smilie


Samba will also be installed automatically, browse Network and found the device without any problem

Noticed the 2 folders created

Application installed

Torrent download folders


IPv6 Setting

IPv6 setup is now available !



Test copy a 10GB movie from NAS wirelessly, speed is excellent & stable, hovering between 8.1~8.6 MB/s Smile




Tested & using it for more than 3 days without any issue, still the same IP !


Overall the firmware is stable, with loads of new features & functions, strongly recommended to upgrade !! Smile

Click HERE for the new ASUSWRT firmware & setup



Right Click

No right click