RT-N16 Test - Beta Firmware  (22~25 Nov'11)


Recently saw few LYN users complained about this device frequent disconnect & hang issue.  Since I didn't encounter such issue during my last test, so I've decided to pull out from store and re-test again as follows ....


Overall tested for more than 3 days, usage as how I normally use my VIP5, no problem at all, same IP throughout ! Smile

Some 12 devices connected, ranging from PCs, laptops, mobile phone, NASs, MediaPlayer, LED TV, etc


For torrenting, I use one of my old laptop, a Toshiba Tecra M2V installed with the latest LinuxMint-11-LXDE OS & qBittorrent BT client, start moderate torrenting wirelessly as follows.

Moderate down/up load about 32/78GB in 3 days, wireless connection still stable & no disconnection


From the System Log below, there is no unexceptional, disconnection or any hang issues in between, same IP for more than 3 days.



So I believed the beta firmware is good ! Smile



Right Click

No right click