D-Link DIR-816L  (Ver.B1)

After the previous DIR-820L-A1DIR-850L-A1 test units, I was commenting/suggesting certain things to D-Link Malaysia sales person with regards to routers for UniFi.  I was surprised recently they wrote UniFi custom firmware (3 digits VLANs @ ports) on another RealTek SoC, the DIR-816L-B1--> this time a budget DualBand AC750 small size mydlink Cloud Router with 2 external antenna, even comes with a USB2 port, nice Smile

Thanks to D-Link Malaysia again for the test unit, glad to see D-Link is getting more aggressive to provide more after-market routers optoin for UniFi users Laughing



Product Information / Reference:

(Note: This model still new over here, not many information available)


UniFi Connection - OK!!

Custom FW works well on both Vlan 500 (internet) & 600 (IPTV), in fact this is the 2nd FW released already, nice job D-Link Smile

 IPv6 works right out of the box Kiss

SpeedTest on VIP10

YouTube streaming on 720p & 1080p with IPv6


UniFi Setup

My setup as follows:

2014-10-19 01.44.25-Setup.jpg2014-10-19 01.45.25.jpg2014-10-19 01.45.54.jpg2014-10-19 01.46.22-WiFi.jpg2014-10-19 01.47.42.jpg2014-10-19 01.48.47.jpg2014-10-19 01.49.17-IPv6.jpg2014-10-19 01.49.59.jpg2014-10-19 01.50.41.jpg



Pulling some gears connected to the device, connection rate shown :

Stay tuned for wireless testing result



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