D-Link DIR-868L (Ver.A1)

Finally, a first Broadcom AC1750 DualBand, 128RAM size, 1xUSB3, gigabit router from D-Link with custom firmware with 3 digits port-based VLAN to support UniFi Laughing


After the DIR-820L, 850L, 816L, I was joking with D-Link Malaysia sales guy: "is D-Link buying over RealTek or what, you guys really don't have something else meh?!" Foot in Mouth   Thought I was joking and might not see other chip/model any time soon ... then tiba-tiba (suddenly) within a month, he handed over this unit and told me it's a Braodcom with custom FW for UniFi, surprised !!Laughing!!

Can see D-Link Malaysia is really serious about bringing in more choices for users here, good effort indeed !




Overall design outlook & layout similar to the 820L & 850L, still the same round "water-tank-like" design, except it has a USB3 & it's AC1750, and of course it's getting bigger Wink

Product information & reference:

UniFi both internet (vlan.500) & IPTV (vlan.600) working without any problem !

IPv6 Ready!


WiFi Test

Excellent speed, especially 5GHz band Surprised   Click HERE for testing detail


Tested the unit over the weekend for more than 2 days, quite some devices connected, no hiccup, so far so good, overall I'm satisfied Smile

2014-12-01 18.49.17-2days.jpg2014-12-01 18.49.38.jpg2014-12-01 18.49.46-wifi.jpg2014-12-01 18.49.48-IPv6.jpg2014-12-01 18.59.11-v6test.jpg2014-12-01 18.59.54-v6test.jpg

Except for Yell :

  • DDNS only support DynDNS, no others include my favourite No-IP
  • QoS feature very basic & not really practical
  • There is a "" entry in routing table, have no idea what is it for
  • Overall FW design & kernel is rather out-dated, it's time to revamp ...

Really hope D-Link will seriously look into the above and improve further, always look forward for better FW ...


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