RT-N13-B1 : Optware + Transmission


All thanks and credits go to the following : Smile


Since I have 2 of this device lying around, recently I decided to test & setup as standalone Transmission downloader.

In this setup & testing, I used r19342 build


[Optional - Standalone only] I configured it as standalone device


[Optional - Standalone only] Disable WiFi, DNSMasq & Traffic Counter

Turn-on SSH & Telnet  (for later Optware & Transmission installation)


Enable USB support and select mount point to /opt


Create HDD Partition

I use Minitool Home Free to create ext3 partition on a USB2 external 2.5" SATA HDD

    (Note: Refer HERE for more information on HDD partitioning)


    • DD-WRT seem does not support SwapOn out of the box, so can ignore and skip the LinuxSwap creation.
    • I didn't manage to figure out swapon as the device has 64MB ram size, beside I only use it as standalone Transmission downloader.


    After created the ext3 partition, plug the USB HDD onto the device's USB port, wait for at least 10sec then continue.

    PuTTY login to the device


    Type the following command to check whether it is mounted correctly.
    Notice this build can mount the ext3 on /opt correctly out of the box, nice! Laughing


    Optware & Transmission Installation


    Type the following command to install Optware, one after another:

    wget http://www.3iii.dk/linux/optware/optware-install-ddwrt.sh -O /tmp/optware-install.sh
    sh /tmp/optware-install.sh

    Note: Wait patiently until each process is completed successfully.


    Type the following to install Transmission:

    /opt/bin/ipkg-opt -verbose_wget install transmission


    Start (wait for 20sec) and stop (wait for 20sec) Transmission-deamon :

    /opt/bin/transmission-daemon -g /opt/etc/transmission-daemon
    killall transmission-daemon


    I made the following folders


    WinSCP login to the device and edit the settings.json file accordingly

    Navigate to folder " /opt/etc/transmission-daemon ", right-click to Edit

    consider to edit the following value as per your preference


    After completed editing the settings.json file above, save it and close WinSCP


    Back to dd-wrt screen, go to Administration --> Commands tab, enter & Save the following Startup & Shutdown script at the Command Shell respectively, one after another:


    sleep 2
    killall transmission-daemon
    sleep 2
    /opt/bin/transmission-daemon -g /opt/etc/transmission-daemon


    killall transmission-daemon


    Result should look something like this


    Optware & Transmission installation is now completed, reboot the device!

    Running Transmission

    After device re-booted, open browser enter the following address

    Transmission web interface up, can start torrenting gao-gao liao ! Wink

    My usual setup on my VIP5 as follows, torrenting happily ! Laughing


    Network File Sharing

    I just setup simple network file sharing as follows so I can copy those downloaded contends from the device to my PC/NAS


    Navigate & browse Network to locate the device

    double-click it to access, enter user ID & password accordingly

    the USB HDD file directories, those Transmission downloaded contents are inside "download" folder


    I also setup another unit on another location, been running Transmission moderate torrenting for more than 14 days without any issue at all ! Cool