TP-Link TL-WR741ND Ver1.8
Atheros AR7240 @350Mhz with AR9285 WiFi NIC

UniFi Vlan.500 Tagging & OverPlay VPN DD-WRT Installation

Was informed by my buddy about this VPN service which can be installed on DD-WRT router, so I just use this TP-Link TL-WR741ND V1.8 router (it's only below RM50 !) as proof of concept, and it works !! Laughing


Vlan.500 (Internet) Vlan Tagging Setup


This device uses "eth0" on WAN port assignment, create & tag it to WAN port and unbridged it accordingly


Once the device is connected to UniFi, head over the OverPlay website, download & install the OverPlay DD-WRT application on your computer.

Run the application, enter the following router's information, click "Install" when done.

Installation completed, open browser and enter: <YourRouter'sIP>/MyPage.asp (NOTE: it's case sensitive !!)

Proceed to enter your OverPlay VPN account information, or click "New Account" to create online, enjoy !! Cool






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