LEDE/OpenWRT - How to fix DIR-885L (HW Ver.A2) No Wireless Issue

D-Link first released the DIR-885L HW Ver.A1 over here Malaysia/Singapore, which I was able to flash LEDE with working wireless.  After a short while D-Link released the HW Ver.A2, however after flash to LEDE/OpenWRT the wireless interface disappeared wifi no longer working anymore.  The 2 different HW version label sticker as follows :

Broadcom is known for its proprietory radio drivers not release to open-source community, except for the unusual relationship with DD-WRT which seem to have access to those radio drivers foot-in-mouth.  That's why many Broadcom radio won't work well on LEDE/OpenWRT yell.

Anyway, recently Googling around and found a solution seem to fix the issue, credits & thanks go to the following smilehttps://forum.lede-project.org/t/d-link-885l-r-a2/6177/11  

Straightforward steps:

  • Download & unzip the .bin file
  • WinSCP into the router, copy the .bin file to folder : /lib/firmware/brcm
  • Reboot the router, the Wireless interface will appear !

I just tested the current latest stable release LEDE 17.01.3 (freshly released today !) and it works laughing :

It will survive even after power-off / unplug, nice fix !

Also tested this fix on LEDE 17.01.2 and SnapShot work as well :

Refer HERE on how to flash the DIR-885L to LEDE/OpenWRT and setup UniFi .


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