D-Link DIR-885L (Rev.A1) on LEDE/OpenWRT

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Yes, this AC3100 Broadcom toy can now flash to LEDE (OpenWRT) with two 3 digit Vlans (500 & 600) for UniFi, complete with wireless support laughing !!

See below video guide (in playlist) on how to flash from stock, setup UniFi, install packages, etc ...

Update 4Oct2017 : For DIR-885L HW Ver.A2, refer HERE on how to fix the wireless issue

Part 1 :
Flash from stock to LEDE (via Recovery Mode), basic setup, UniFi's Internet (Vlan.500) & IPTV (Vlan.600)

Part 2 :
Install packages including Smart Queue Management (SQM) QoS, Wireless setup, Bufferbloat & Jitter/Ping tests

Part 3 :
Setup Guest WiFi Zone (without LAN access)

Take note the following VLANs config actual layout based on current LEDE release version 17.01.0 for UniFi Vlan500 (Internet) and Vlan600 (IPTV) :


Part of the reason I'm doing this is to run SQM QoS (and other packages) on a decent router, and it seem currently only LEDE/OpenWRT provide SQM and newer kernel support.  I've tested the SQM QoS earlier, it seem XboxOne online gaming lesser lag and smoother, even I purposely download heavily on other device concurrently.  Beside, it's not easy to find a modern Broadcom chip router which is :

  • easy to flash over to LEDE/OpenWRT
  • multiple and 3 digits vlans support (for UniFi)
  • working wireless (on Broadcom radio)

I guess the DIR-885L is probably 1 of the very few Broadcom currently able to fulfill the above smile

Update : After few testing between the CAKE & fq_codel QoS, I choose the CAKE QoS with piece_of_cake script :

But it seem the current CAKE still not fully able to shape some torrent traffic though ...

I've also flashed the LEDE on similar Broadcom range devices like the RT-AC56U, RT-AC68U, RT-AC87U, unfortunately it seem the wireless either broken or not support at all, likely due to the proprietory driver ...


Update 4Oct2017 : For DIR-885L HW Ver.A2, refer HERE on how to fix the wireless issue



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