D-Link DIR-615-G1 (OpenWRT - Ralink RT305x)


This device is actually the same like DIR-620-A, this site also mentioned it's the same like DIR-620-B, seem like selling in Russian only ..Money mouth..
Based on the recent successful OpenWRT testing on some Ralink RT305x devices (eg, RT-N13U-B1 & RT-N10+) on UniFi, I pull out this old junk, spent some time on it, and wah-la ... Cool ...

Took me some time to eventually flashed with the OpenWRT DIR-620-A1 package, YES no problem connect to UniFi ! Laughing

Tested both internet (vlan.500) & IPTV (vlan.600)

Finally, the USB external HDD is usable, so you are free to ExtRoot, Swap, and install packages freely, nice ! Cool




Switch & vlans setup for UniFi

Port 4 = WANport
Port 3 ~ 0 = LANport 1 ~ 4  (IPTV on LANport4)



Refer HERE for flashing process

Refer HERE for UniFi setup reference (Use the above Switch setup)