Buffalo WHR-G300N-V1 (OpenWRT - Ralink RT305x)


I have couple of these beautiful routers, most of them have been flashed with DD-WRT previously, can only create 1 vlan.500 under dd-wrt ......
It really took me a while to flash to OpenWRT and now able to create both vlan.500 & 600 for UniFi Cool


I use the following custom build for this device, thanks & credit go to the creator  Smile
Source : http://royalwin.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-06-30-1


Later I re-flash it with OpenWRT DIR-615-D package, seem to be working well on UniFi Laughing


Switch layout and vlans setup for UniFi




Refer HERE for flashing process

Refer HERE for UniFi setup reference (Use the above Switch setup)