Buffalo WHR-G300N-V1 (OpenWRT - Flash Process : from dd-wrt to OpenWRT)


I use the following custom build for this device, thanks & credit go to the creator  Smile
Source : http://royalwin.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-06-30-1


Download either one of the above file, I've also renamed it & uploaded to my site as: whrg300nair.bin

Also download the current OpenWRT AA-rc1 release for DIR-615-D :


In my case:

  • My device has already flashed with dd-wrt (look for WHR-G300N-V1) through the TPTP method
  • Hard reset the device first
  • Enable the SSH login
  • Plug-in WAN port to existing LAN, ensure the device can connect to internet
  • Putty login to the device, run the following :

DO NOT touch anything until the whole process complete !!  (Wait for at least 2 mins)

Once done, unplug everything & powerful off, wait for at least 1 min before re-connect & power-on
Open browser access the device
Noticed it's now flashed with the OpenWRT custom built for WHR-G300N

Go straight to Reset the device first


Once re-set & re-started the device, flash it with the DIR-615-D built
The reason I re-flash it with the DIR-615-D built is because the above custom build seem does not have the Switch package to configure vlans.
Take note the device's wifi won't work properly under the DIR-615-D  (I don't bother since I only use the device purely for RG purpose Wink )


Once flashed & re-started, Reset the device again


Once flash process completed, notice the WHR-G300N-v1 is now using the DIR-615-D built

As usual, Reset the device first


You are good to setup & play around with the toys now ! Laughing


Switch layout and vlans setup for UniFi