D-Link DIR-615-G1 (OpenWRT - Flash Process)


This article explained how I flashed the device from stock firmware to OpenWRT AA-rc1 DIR-620-A1 built.
(Note: I've also tested the same flashing process on DIR-615-G2, it works Smile )


Preparation :

  • Download the current OpenWRT AA-rc1 DIR-615-D-Factory & DIR-620-A-Upgrade built
  • I prefer to rename the file shorter like : "dir-615-d-factory.bin" & "dir620a1.bin"
  • In case you need it, stock firmware can be downloaded from HERE (select the correct model !)


This device has Emergency Recovery mode via IP: to flash firmware, so it's not so easy to brick it Wink

To flash firmware via the Recovery mode, first change PC's IP to as follows


On the device:

  • Unplug everything including power cable
  • Use a sharp object (eg, paper clip) press down & continue holding the "Reset" button
  • Insert power supply while holding the Reset
  • Few seconds later will notice the power light start blinking
  • Release the Reset
  • Insert LAN cable to LANport 1

Use browser to access, browse & upload the DIR-615-D built

DO NOT touch anything until it's completed !!  (Wait for at least 3 mins)


Once done, unplug LAN cable, reset PC's IP back to Auto


Plug-in LAN cable, access, login to the device

Noticed it has been flashed with the DIR-615-D built

Always Perform Reset after flashing


After re-set, login to the device again ....

now change the password


Next step is to flash the device to DIR-620-A1

Use WinSCP login to the device


Go to the device /tmp folder
Copy the dir620a1.bin file to the /tmp folder

Re-confirm the copied filesize


Close WinSCP

Use PuTTY login to the device

Just enter Yes to continue

Now write the firmware using command line as follows

DO NOT touch anything until it show "Rebooting ..."


After the device rebooted, noticed it's on DIR-620-A1 built now


Now you are good to setup & play around the toys, enjoy ! Laughing


Switch & vlans setup for UniFi

Port 4 = WANport
Port 3 ~ 0 = LANport 1 ~ 4  (IPTV on LANport4)


If Unable To Flash or Hit Problem ....

During my numerous flash testings on these devices (both G1 & G2), may be I tortured it too much, sometime the device just become "ku-ku" & zombie, like brick Tongue out
May hit some problems like:

  • WiFi interface won't bring up
  • Switch not working properly
  • To the worst, it even hang after flashing OpenWRT with Emergency Rescue mode
  • Generally, the device's power light will turn green and inaccessible to OpenWRT

If that happen, I'll use the following method to flash OpenWRT :

  • First flash the device to recent DD-WRT built using the Emergency Rescue mode (eg, use the r19519 built)
  • In DD-WRT setup as usual, including the WiFi settings, enable the SSH login (under Services tab), re-boot the device
  • WinSCP into the device, copy the OpenWRT AA-12.09-rc1 DIR-620-A1 built (I renamed it to shorter name like dir620ai.bin) to folder /tmp
  • PuTTY into the device, run the following command :

erase nvram
mtd erase linux   (<-- be patient, this process really can take few mins !!)
cd / tmp
mtd -r write /tmp/dir620a1.bin linux

Patiently wait the whole process to complete, after 2~3 mins, it will ends with PuTTY disconnection & the device power light should turn green.

Now should be able to see OpenWRT Smile, just login & Perform reset first

To ensure it's really "clean", Telnet into the device (no need password) ....

Run the following command:
mtd -r erase rootfs_data


Once the device re-booted, you are good to go, enjoy ! Laughing