TP-Link TL-WDR4300-V1.3 (OpenWRT - AR9344 - UniFi)


I flashed this device from stock firmware to OpenWRT using the Attitude Adjustment 12.09 RC1 built, confirmed the switch & vlans setting can work on UniFi ! Laughing



FailSafe : Yes, once the Sys light appear, press the WPS button at the back, then able to telnet via

Back to stock firmware: Yes, just flash with the stock firmware without the word "xxxbootxxx"


Flash from stock firmware to OpenWRT process
Always perform Factory Restore before & after flashing Smile

Default IP is :  User=admin  Password=admin



Once Factory Restored, go to the following and flash it

DO NOT touch anything until it's completed !!


Once flashed to OpenWRT, default IP :
Straight Login & Perform Reset



Once done, you may setup as usual ! Smile
Can refer HERE for some setup idea.

For Switch & Vlans setup for UniFi, see below

This is the original Switch layout

Setup as follows for UniFi




System connected to UniFi, both internet (vlan.500) & IPTV (vlan.600) without any problem Laughing
However, the WiFi seem unable to turn-on simultaneously, could be bug in this built ..Frown..