OpenWRT DNSCrypt-Proxy-V2

Play/test around with the new DNSCrypt-Proxy-V2 on current stable OpenWRT 19.07.8

This is not the previous old/outdated DNSCrypt, this is the new (V2 now) and currently been maintained/updated actively:

Read/understand the following installation/config references first :


 I use one of my decent-power quad-core arm-base device to test/play around on current stable OpenWRT 19.07.8 and connected to UniFi-Home :

DNSCrypt-proxy-v2 current package for 19.07 branch is V2.0 :

If need newer version then may use the master SnapShot 21.02 branch (currently V2.1) :

After package installation, the main config file is: /etc/dnscrypt-proxy2/dnscrypt-proxy.toml 

Take note after the initial installation, only the .toml file present, need to setup/config correctly (as per above references) first.  Once connected to internet, then it will auto-download/update the latest server/relay lists accordingly.

Basically I leave most as default, except I adjust/enable IPv6, fallback DNS, DoH, Domain/IP block list, etc.

Once setup/config done and connected to internet, it will auto-search dnscrypt servers/relay around the globe, eventually it will auto-detect and use the nearest around my location :

This auto-search auto-find nearest process seems to run every 4 hours automatically.
At this moment I didn't want to use fix resolvers and rather happy to let it auto-search the nearest, knowing how bad our bloody TM's backend routing during different random hours yell ...

Initial DNS test can see it's all over the place :

Eventually it will settle down on nearest randomise servers (either in SG/HK base on my current connection) :

Did some further tests seems ok kua ...

Since I let it auto search/use non-filter DNS, I also install AdBlock package to further block ads/tracking

So this is another option if you are concern about DNS privacy/protection for today's internet-ing. Do take note to use slightly more powerful device since it will consume more resources, especailly I also run other packages like AdBlock in my case.

If you find it useful, please do support and donate to the project so those developers can continue to maintain the package smile