OpenWRT 21.02.0-rc2 Vlans for TM-UniFi Home

Finally, the much-waited LuCI for Vlan-ing tag/untag on the current latest OpenWRT 21.02.0-rc2 release laughing

Managed to get UniFi-home both vlan.500 (PPPoE internet) and vlan.600 (IPTV) working, but ...

Noticed this 21.02.0-rc2 just baked from oven yesterday, so quickly pulled out some toys to test around vlan-ing tag/untag for my UniFi-home (800/200Mbps DL/UL package) as follows :

One of my MT7621 device :

Linksys WRT1900AC :


All the above 3 different device architecture able to connect both vlan.500 (PPPoE internet) and vlan.600 (IPTV), both IPv4 & IPv6 seems working well too. However, when I SpeedTest LAN<-->WAN, all 3 devices seems to suffer around 1/3 download speed/bandwidth deduction based on my 800Mbps package, even worst (at least 2/3 deduction) if turn off the NAT software offloading yell

Not really sure what's happening though, my DSA vlan-ing knowledge still blurr foot-in-mouth, so could be my vlans setting above is wrong, or the rc test build still need more work/patches ...

The 21.02 branch seems to incorporate luci-ssl by default, so no need to install extra ssl packages like before.  Also noticed the distfeeds links are now https by default, nice cool

Test opkg update/install some packages ok, DoH package seems working but got some system error message though, the new AdGuard DNS IPs still not updated yet, so just WinSCP to edit the https-dns-proxy file directly will do.

Anyway, this is just a rc test build only, so for time being I'll still stick with the 19.07 branch for my UniFi-home vlan-ing until the 21.02 become more stable later on.

All kudos/credits/thanks to all those OpenWRT devs, who work day/night selflessly, nice work, you guys ROCK !!laughing!!

Guys, please consider making some donation to OpenWRT for them to continue making newer/better firmware for our toys, I mean routers devices la tongue-out