TL-WR1043ND Ver:1.8  [ Reset, FailSafe, Revert back to stock Factory ]


As a beginner, I always screw up the device which I often have to do the following:

  1. Perform Reset the router - if still can access via webgui
  2. Perform FailSafe procedure - if unable to access via webgui but still accessible via Telnet
  3. Revert back to Factory firmware - either if want to claim warranty or give up the test Wink



  • Not all devices have FailSafe, always check the OpenWRT wiki and do some research first before flashing
  • Individual device restore firmware back to factory method might be different, again, research first!

After bricking some units before Tongue out while testing those WRTs, I always try my best to find out the restoration methods & procedures before embarking the WRT journey ....


Perform Reset  ( If still can access the webgui )

Go to " System --> Backup / Flash Firmware tab "
Click Perform reset to reset the device back to OpenWRT default


DO NOT touch anything until the process complete !!


The device restored back to OpenWRT default


FailSafe ( If unable to access the webgui )


  • Turn off the device & unplug everything
  • Only connect a cat cable from PC to the device's LANport 1


Assign PC with static IP as follows


Now do the following steps, careful, all must be done within 10 seconds Sealed !


Once the SYS light blink non-stop faster, that means it's on "rescue mode"

Back to PC, launch PuTTY, enter the following and Telnet to the device  (no password require)


At command prompt type: " mtd -r erase rootfs_data " and hit enter


DO NOT touch anything, wait ....

When the word " Rebooting " appeared, that means the device has been re-set
Wait for few more seconds before closing the PuTTY windows


Back to PC, set IP back to Auto DHCP as follows


Unplug the network cable, wait for a min, then plug-in again
Open browser, type, the default OpenWRT webgui will appear



Revert Back to Factory

Mostly, OpenWRT does not stop you from going back to original stock factory Smile

For this device:

  • Go to official website HERE .
  • Download any stock firmware, must have the word " xxxxupxxx.bin " in it
  • DO NOT use any stock firmware with the word " xxxbootxxx.bin" in it !!


Reset the device first (refer above section)

Login the device, go to " System --> Bakcup / Flash Firmware tab "
Browse to the stock firmware, unselect Keep Settings option, then click Flash image


Re-confirm filesize & MD5, then click Proceed


DO NOT touch anything, wait, observe the device's lights .... and pray hard ...... Please...


After a while , the device's all lights will blink once and off, then the power light will resume, later the rest of lights will back to normal.
This mean the device has been restored Laughing !!


Enter default IP (Note: Some newer stock firmware use as default IP)
Default user ID & password = admin


Phew Tired, happy to see green again !

WAIT ! Go straight to " System Tools --> Factory Defaults tab", click Restore to reset the device again


DO NOT touch anything until the process complete !!


Finally, back to original stock firmware again ! Happy Grin




Right Click

No right click