ASUS RT-N10+ C1 (OpenWRT - Ralink RT3350)


Actually I had the previous model RT-N10+ B1, recently after tested the OpenWRT build for Ralink RT305x with multiple vlans on the RT-N13U-B1, I got excited and quickly pull out the old B1 model from my store room, but somehow the WANport seem to be dead, not sure what have I done previously ...Tongue out...


Luckily my B1 is still slightly less than 3 years, so I quickly Firmware Restore it back to original firmware, went over to ASUS for RMA ....
However, they no longer sell the B1, instead they replaced me with a completely new RT-N10+ C1, this is the advantage of having 3 years warranty ! Laughing

It seem like the new C1 model basically is the same with the previous B1, only the new design outlook is different, some photos ...Cool...



Even it's a low-cost below RM80 device, still quality packaging, still 3 years warranty (hopefully I don't have to RMA D1 later ...Tongue out...)

Obviously the new wave of mate-UFO-look design outlook is much nicer, the antenna also bigger & longer ! Laughing


At below RM80 + 3 years warranty + OpenWRT + UniFi-Ready = 1 of my MUST have collection item !! Laughing




Product Information:




Notice the kernel log detected it's a RT3350 chip


OpenWRT with both vlan.500 & 600 for UniFi ! Laughing


Refer HERE for OpenWRT + UniFi Setup


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