TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Ver1.8 [ UniFi setup, including QoS & Port Forward ]


Some time ago (around early~mid 2011), both LowYatNet member Rizvanrp & Blindbox were trying so hard to make this device work on UniFi.  Back then, the internet vlan.500 no problem, but the IPTV vlan.600 was having some issue.  Recently (early 2012), another LYN member Silkworm & Blindbox posted on forum with config setup detail, also understand from Rizvanrp there were some changes made to IPTV setting at TM's backend, now this device is able to work on both vlan 500 & 600 smilie !

I've just tested with the latest Backfire 10.03.1-RC6 on my HG850a, use standard LuCI webgui setup without SSH/Telnet into the device, confirm it's working, thanks & credits go to these gentlemen smilie !!

Finally, the very first OpenWRT gigabit + USB router with 3 digits multiple vlans for UniFi, cheers smilie


Click HERE on how to flash from Factory To OpenWRT


UniFi Setup


Once flashed, LuCI webgui will appear, login to the device
Default IP=  User=root  (no password)

Go straight to change the device's password first


Logout and re-login with the new password

Basically the device has been flashed to OpenWRT




Configure Vlans & IPTV Bridge


Go to Network --> Switch tab
Setup as follows, click Save & Apply when done
(Note: IPTV will use physical LANport 4)


Go to Network --> Interfaces tab
Click to Add a new Interface

Enter the following IPTV bridge using vlan.600 interface, click Submit when done

Click Save & Apply again


Check & re-confirm the IPTV bridge has been setup as follows


Configure WAN Interface


Go to Network --> Interface tab, click Edit the WAN Interface

Select PPPoE, then click Switch Protocol

Enter the following information, click Save & Apply when done
Warning : Ensure you check, re-check & enter the user ID & password correctly, it's case sensitive !
(If you are not sure, call TM CS, just tell them to give your PPPoE user ID & password, TM must provide you!)

Go to Physical Settings tab, choose the vlan.500 Interface
Click Save & Apply when done

If you want to change DNS, go to Advanced Settings tab, enter the following  (I prefer Google DNS)
Click Save & Apply when done


Configure WiFi


Go to Network --> Wifi tab, click Enable the wireless first

then click Edit


Enter the following wireless information accordingly
Click Save & Apply when done



Basic setup completed, now ready to connect to UniFi :

  • Power-off everything including BTU/VDSL2, wait for at least 2 mins
  • Connect BTU/VDSL2 LANport1 to the router's WAN port
  • Connect STB to the router's LANport4
  • Power-on the BTU/VDSL2 first, wait for 1 min, ensure the VoIP is working first
  • Power-on the router, wait for 1 min, ensure the IPTV it's working first
  • Now you can enjoy UniFi internet smilie !

If it doesn't, you might have missed out something, go through & re-do the setup again !


Connected to UniFi, both Internet & IPTV Cheers!





WiFi Test


Wireless speed test based on my Acer TM8371G laptop  (the router is setup as NG mixed with WPA/WPA2 mixed @ 20Mhz)

Test copy a huge file from LAN's PC, speed started around 9.6MB/s, eventually settled down at around 9~9.3MB/s


Run LAN SpeedTest tool result, quite impressive Smile


Setup & Configure QoS


I personally prefer to setup QoS for better traffic management, the standard did not come with QoS function, need to download package.

Go to System --> Software tab
Click Update Lists to refresh packages

There are lots of package, type "qos" to Find package


I personally use LuCI QoS, you can choose other QoS package to use.
Click Install, be patient, it will take some time


Once installed, go to Network, noticed the QoS tab appeared, click on it to setup


I use 5Mbps package, setup & change yours accordingly


Somehow the QoS is disabled by default
Go to System --> Startup tab, click Enabled on the QoS



Port Forward


To port forward (eg, torrent client), go to Network --> Firewall tab


Under Redirections section, click Add


Enter port forward information as follows


That's all my UniFi setup on HG850a for this best value for money OpenWRT device, enjoy the new toy smilie !


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