OpenWRT/LEDE - YouHua WR1200JS - UniFi Ready

MediaTek MT7621AT DualCore @880Mhz, 16/128MB Flash/RAM size
DualBand AC1200 MIMO 2x2:2
1xWAN + 4xLAN gigabit ports, 1xUSB storage

YouHua WR1200JS on current latest OpenWRT/LEDE SnapShot  (UniFi both Vlan.500 + Vlan.600 working) laughing

Note : use SnapShot after 19Apr'2018

Both RB750Gr3 and WR1200JS uses the same MT chip, the RB750Gr3 has bigger flash/ram size, the WR1200JS has AC1200 dualband radio:


Understand this device has been ported and is working fine with current latest OpenWRT SnapShot, so just bought one in China and tested recently back home for more than 4 days with my UniFi VIP100 on multiple devices, so far everything seem to be working fine without any issues :


As usual, I installed some of my favorite packages like SQM, AdBlock, DDNS, Statistics, etc ...


Statistics :

2018-05-03 01.44.23-Statistics.png2018-05-03 01.44.36.png2018-05-03 01.44.54.png2018-05-03 01.45.06.png2018-05-03 01.45.26.png2018-05-03 01.45.36.png

Search "openwrt wr1200js" in TaoBao :

Probably the cheapest OpenWRT/LEDE toys at this moment, worth considering wink