D-Link DIR-868L-A1 Brick ~ Unbrick & Rescue 

No worry if you brick the DIR-868L-A1, it has emergency rescue room wink 

  • Download the stock firmware from : http://global.dlink.com.sg/support/support_detail.asp?idproduct=624  .
  • Change your PC/laptop IP to : with subnet
  • Unplug ALL cables from the DIR-868L-A1 first
  • Use a paper clip insert onto the "RESET" hole (located on the bottom of the device)
  • Press-down and continue holding the RESET button while inserting the power cable (hold for at least 10 seconds then release)
  • Now connect a LAN cable to LANport1
  • On PC/laptop, use browser navigate to
  • Upload & flash the stock firmware

Wait patiently, it may take at least 2mins ...

Once the stock firmware boot-up, immediately go to " Tools --> System " to Restore Factory Defaults

Done, happy brick & unbrick laughing