D-Link DIR-868L-A1 Tomato by Shibby - Vlan.500 for UniFi

(Refer HERE on how to flash to Tomato)

(Update : Both Vlan500 & Vlan600 is now possible refer HERE for more information)

D-Link DIR-868L-A1  now can enjoy the feature-rich Tomato firmware for UniFi (Vlan.500 Internet only) smile

2015-10-23 00.35.42-868L.jpg2015-10-23 00.36.45-VLAN500.jpg2015-10-23 00.37.10-Setup.jpg2015-10-23 00.37.25-IPv6.jpg2015-10-23 00.38.56-Log.jpg2015-10-23 00.39.06.jpg2015-10-23 00.39.37-IPv6.jpg2015-10-23 00.39.54.jpg



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