SingTel Fibre : RT-N56U (Padavan Custom Firmware)


I first came across Padavan's modified firmware (thanks & credit goes to him Smile) on the RT-N56U last year around March 2012, tested on TM-UniFi and was quite impressed with the built !
Recently tested on the SingTel Fibre exStream, the result is impressive as well !!


Update: Tested for almost a month until end of 30Apr, no hang no disconnection, everything works perfectly ! Smile



Apart other setup & stuff which I posted previously on UniFi, for SingTel Fibre connection the difference is on the WAN's vlans setting.

Before proceeding, DO NOT connect the device's WAN to the GPON/ONT/BTU !!
This is because SingTel Fibre does check & verify on the router's MAC address ....
Ensure you already copy down the SingTel's original router's MAC address (refer HERE on how to get the MAC address)


Connect PC to the device's LANport 1, go to WAN section, setup as follows, remember to enter the MAC address (without semicolon) correctly as per the original SingTel's router.
Note: Since my Singapore friend didn't use the VoIP service, I only setup internet (vlan.10) and Mio-TV (vlan.20)


Once done, connect the device as follows:

WAN --> SingTel Fibre GPON/ONT/BTU port1
LAN1~3 --> use for internet
LAN4 --> Mio-TV box


Another Singapore friend who uses all 3 services : Internet, Mio-TV & VoIP  (vlan.10 / 20 / 30)
then setup as follows (basically just trunk the vlan.30 out to LAN port3)


Once done, connect the device as follows:

WAN --> SingTel Fibre GPON/ONT/BTU port1
LAN1~2 --> use for internet
LAN3 --> SingTel's original router's WAN port (Pace or 2Wire) --> RJ11 port --> Phone
LAN4 --> Mio-TV box




Alright, let's SpeedTest to see the result on my friend's exStream 100/50Mbps (Download/Upload) package

Tested on PC via LAN, excellent !! Laughing


Tested on my mobile phone Nexus4 on the device's WiFi 5G spectrum ... Surprised ...  hit maximum throughput, speechless ....Sealed


Hmmm, how I wish we can have such package with similar pricing in Malaysia .... big hope I guess ... Yell ...


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