TOTOLINK A7000R Dual-Band AC2600 Wireless Performance Tests

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Wireless performance tests (2.4GHz & 5GHz) based on my following home setup and testings :

Let's see how this 8-antennas perform on stock firmware ...

A7000R 2.4GHz Wireless Performance Tests :

2019-09-23 18.10.12-T440-2G.png2019-09-23 18.10.23.png2019-09-23 18.10.57.png2019-09-23 18.11.15.png2019-09-23 18.11.32.png2019-09-23 18.11.50.png2019-09-23 18.28.16-DeskMini-A300-2G.png2019-09-23 18.28.28.png2019-09-23 18.29.03.png2019-09-23 18.30.10.png2019-09-23 18.30.23.png2019-09-23 18.30.42.png2019-09-23 18.40.24-PCE-AC88-2G.png2019-09-23 18.40.48.png2019-09-23 18.40.55.png2019-09-23 18.41.09.png2019-09-23 18.41.20.png2019-09-23 18.41.34.png

A7000R 5GHz Wireless Performance Tests :

2019-09-23 18.12.49-T440-5G.png2019-09-23 18.13.01.png2019-09-23 18.13.10.png2019-09-23 18.13.27.png2019-09-23 18.13.35.png2019-09-23 18.13.42.png2019-09-23 18.14.12.png2019-09-23 18.14.29.png2019-09-23 18.31.52-DeskMini-A300-5G.png2019-09-23 18.32.02.png2019-09-23 18.32.36.png2019-09-23 18.32.52.png2019-09-23 18.32.58.png2019-09-23 18.33.06.png2019-09-23 18.33.23.png2019-09-23 18.33.35.png2019-09-23 18.33.49.png2019-09-23 18.34.55-SpeedTest.png2019-09-23 18.35.06.png2019-09-23 18.35.22.png2019-09-23 18.42.30-PCE-AC88-5G.png2019-09-23 18.42.38.png2019-09-23 18.42.47.png2019-09-23 18.43.43.png2019-09-23 18.43.52-860Mbps.png2019-09-23 18.44.00.png2019-09-23 18.44.13.png2019-09-23 18.44.21.png2019-09-23 18.44.33.png2019-09-23 18.44.38.png2019-09-23 18.46.03-SpeedTest.png2019-09-23 18.46.20.png2019-09-23 18.46.28.png2019-09-23 18.47.11.png2019-09-23 18.47.31.png2019-09-23 18.47.43.png

I'm quite surprise to see this MT7615N 5G radio can hit over 850Mbps mark with my ASUS PCE-AC88U surprised.  I guess the MU-MIMO 4x4:4 with high-gain antenna does help a bit to boost the 5G performance.

I didn't encouter any drop or spike throughout my testings, overall test quite consistent/smooth.  At price below RM500, I would say it's reasonable and acceptable.

However, when I run SpeedTest (WAN<-->LAN) on LANport, somehow it can only hit around 6xxMbps on stock firmware :

2019-09-23 18.58.12-SpeedTest.png2019-09-23 18.58.38.png2019-09-23 18.59.29.png2019-09-23 19.00.16.png2019-09-23 19.01.21.png2019-09-23 19.01.29.png

Tested on both nearest MYREN and Extreme Broadband servers, I'm not sure why, might be either due to the internet traffic during that particular time, or the stock firmware limitation ...

Anyway, once I'm done with the stock firmware testings, I quickly move on to this :

YES, this A7000R is OpenWRT-able, that's my main reason to blog about this device laughing