TL-WR1043ND - UniFi Beta Firmware & Setup


Generally, the setup is similar to TL-WR841ND, please refer HERE for more details.

Before you proceed further, please read and make sure you fully understand that:

  1. The device I've tested is based on TL-WR1043ND Ver:1.8 on Huawei HG850a ,please read below for more feedback & confirmation from others.
  2. The beta firmware is made available on an As-Is basis, you are permitted to use it for testing and training purposes only, I shall not be liable for any damages cause to your device either before, during or after flashing the beta firmware.
  3. Except for other 3rd party firmware (eg, OpenWRT, DD-WRT), your device should still cover under warranty if you brick it accidentally after flashing with the beta firmware.
  4. Since this is not an official release, manufacturer may or may not response or patch immediately, I'll do my best to forward request, but no guarantee.
  5. I've personally tested it without any issues, before you start flooding my email, please do your part to spend some time to go through, check & re-check everything again, it should work just fine !
  6. If you prefer easier and faster setup, you may choose to restore the default setup file (below), make sure you read and understand the "ReadMe" file first!

Known issues:

  1. Based on my test, after plug-in the external USB2 HDD, it can detect, but the device's name won't show up under Network browsing.  The work around is to enter the device's IP manually (eg: \\\ ) then the share folder will show up.
  2. .

Feedback & confirmation from others:

  1. LYN member godhpf confirmed the beta firmware works on TL-WR1043ND Ver:1.6
  2. Eric Cheah emailed me to confirm it works on Huawei HG655a VDSL2
  3. Kingston Seet emailed me to confirm it works on FibreHome BTU
  4. LYN member toytoy emailed me to confirm it works on Alcatel-Lucent BTU


Good luck & enjoy !! Cool

Custom firmware now available on official TP-Link Malaysia website --> HERE .

Current tested stable version: wr1043nv1_en_3_13_4_up_110906
Default UniFi setup file for FW: 3.13.4 Build 110906 Rel.72204n (read the "ReadMe" file first!) : HERE (MD5: 92429326e0c79b8d0ba3304330a13b24 )


2011 Oct 28 (Previous)

Beta firmware version 3_13_4_110906--> Mirror (MD5: 05ec3a00de1101c3edccb4bd429e8b17)
Default UniFi Setup file (read the "ReadMe" file first!!) --> Mirror




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