D-Link DIR-850L (Ver.A1)

After the DIR-820L-A1 test unit, thanks to D-Link Malaysia again for this gigabit device which has custom FW to work with UniFi Laughing


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Basically the design outlook, radio chip (RealTek base) and size is exactly the same like the DIR-820L-A1, only difference this device is gigabit ports, nice Cool

Product information & reference:


Like the DIR-820L-A1, UniFi firmware need to download from D-Link Singapore website

At the time of this article, the current latest UniFi FW version is "v1.09SG"  (hmmm, why named "SG" Innocent)


Setup for UniFi

My setup for UniFi as follows :

2014-07-12 12.07.33-setup.jpg2014-07-12 12.07.48.jpg2014-07-12 12.08.10-v6.jpg2014-07-12 12.08.20.jpg2014-07-12 12.09.10-WiFi.jpg2014-07-12 12.10.36.jpg2014-07-12 12.11.03.jpg2014-07-12 12.12.42.jpg2014-07-12 12.25.22-QoS.jpg2014-07-12 12.26.19.jpg


Basically the overall FW design it's the same like the DIR-820L-A1 (Ver 1.01~1.03), but surprisingly this Ver 1.09 has enhanced the QoS function to include both Downl/Up links control, nice Laughing

But the QoS rules still the same basic function with limited entries & ports, hmmm....


IPv6 Connection

Work out of the box without any issue Cool

2014-07-10 12.35.54-IPv6.jpg2014-07-10 12.36.27.jpg2014-07-10 12.36.40-v6-test.jpg2014-07-10 12.36.55.jpg


WiFi Testing - on Laptops

Tested both 2.4 & 5.8 spectrum on some of my laptops result as follows:

2014-07-08 21.11.07-850L-F80L.jpg2014-07-08 21.21.56.jpg2014-07-08 21.42.13-850L-R830.jpg2014-07-08 21.50.03.jpg2014-07-08 22.09.06-850L-TM8371.jpg2014-07-08 22.16.22.jpg2014-07-08 22.36.55-850L-E5400.jpg

For 2.4GHz, I'm quite surprise with the good performance Surprised  Considered the fact it's a RealTek radio chip, somemore without external antenna, nice job here Smile

For 5.8GHz, the result it's almost like 2.4GHz, actually I was expecting more, so the result is considered ok la

WiFi Testing - on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices can get sensitive with WiFi connection. Since I hardly play with the RealTek WiFi, so I tested both 2.4GHz & 5.8 spectrum on some of my mobile devices like: Zopo ZP980+, Nexus4, Samsung S4, ASUS Zenfone5, ASUS FonePad7 ... even on my very old Xperia Arc Tongue Out  Android versions ranging from JB 4.1/4.2 to the current latest KK 4.4, both stock and custom build (CyanogenMod)


Mobile Devices (2.4GHz)


Overall result on 2.4GHz seem good, most of my mobile devices can get similar result Smile

Mobile Devices (5.8GHz)


Overall result on 5GHz seem ok only, not as good as 2.4GHz, down/up load rate seem varied ...


Except for the QoS (need more function on the rules set) & DDNS (only support DynDNS), overall I'm happy with this little toys.
Hope to see more FW improvement work & other router choices from D-Link Smile



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