TOTOLINK A7000R Dual-Band AC2600 (UniFi Ready)

8 x 5dBi Undetachable Antenna surprised
MediaTek MT7615N Radio MU-MIMO 4x4:4 
2.4GHz ~800Mbps + 5GHz ~1733Mbps  (4 antenna per band)
MediaTek MT7621AT SoC 880MHz 2Cores, 16MB Flash / 128MB RAM
Gigabit Ports : 1xWAN / 4xLAN  

My first impression : this router overall looks rather intimidating, especially those 8 antenna, undetachable somemore foot-in-mouth ...
Read more to understand why I still blog about this router ...

Product Photo


Product information & reference:

Thanks TOTOLINK Malaysia for this second test unit, which was handed over to me quite a while ago, and yes it's UniFi-ready (Vlan.500-PPPoE & Vlan.600-IPTV). 

When I first saw this device packaging box, I thought it's some kind of guitar/keyboard toys, I have to admit this is by far one of the largest router box I've ever seen sealed, luckily the weight is manageable though. After unboxing, this device comes with 8pcs of UNDETACHABLE 5dBi antennas, no wonder the unusual box size ... Well, at least some may find it convenient so no need to screw-on so many antennas ...

The overall design outlook is simple, plastic mate surface construction feel light weight, lots of holes for good ventilation, put it flat on desk looks like a black spider.  Only 1 LED lights, no USB which is fine for me because I hardly use any USB ports/functions on router devices.

Stock firmware looks and feel, setup my home UniFi as follows :

2019-09-23 18.50.29-A7000R.png2019-09-23 18.50.46.png2019-09-23 18.51.05.png2019-09-23 18.51.16.png2019-09-23 18.51.46.png2019-09-23 18.52.01.png2019-09-23 18.52.42.png2019-09-23 18.53.02.png2019-09-23 18.53.10.png2019-09-23 18.53.24.png2019-09-23 18.53.47.png2019-09-23 18.54.00.png2019-09-23 18.54.24.png2019-09-23 18.54.52.png2019-09-23 18.55.05.png2019-09-23 18.55.45.png2019-09-23 18.56.17.png

Next, wireless performance tests based on the following setup :

YES, this A7000R is OpenWRT-able, that's my main reason to blog about this device laughing