Car DVR  (Dual Camera)


In-car video/image recorder is getting more popular now, it can use to record the journey, to serve as "black-box" to review what's going-on, especially when things happen along the journey ... Foot in mouth
Been seeing such device in ShenZhen for quite some time, recently notice the price dropped (because newer model released), so I just bought 1 back to try it out. Smile


Some photos

Comes with in-car screen bracket & USB charger, and the name it's called .... the Transformer... what ?! Surprised


Get ready, transforming now ....
There is 2 camera, can turn front / back / up / down, literally
360°, infra-red somemore, thus the name Transformer ! Laughing


This should be the position when stick on the wind screen, 1 camera in front, 1 at the back.


Menu Options

Even it's a small gadget, loads of option .... Wink

2012-06-10 15.46.56-Menu.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.03.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.11.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.19.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.26.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.33.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.40.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.46.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.52.jpg2012-06-10 15.47.59.jpg2012-06-10 15.48.05.jpg2012-06-10 15.48.11.jpg2012-06-10 15.48.18.jpg2012-06-10 15.48.25.jpg2012-06-10 15.48.31.jpg2012-06-10 15.48.37.jpg2012-06-10 15.48.45.jpg


I insert a 16GB MicroSD, it will start record each time I start my engine, it will auto re-cycle when it reaches the end.
If worry not enough, this Transformer also can take 32GB Wink
For me, a must-have gadget for everyday journey !! Cool