BeatBox S10 (Made in China)

Been seeing these China-made BeatBox mini bluetooth speakers in ShenZhen for quite some time, there were many shops selling different "variant" Tongue out , some good some so-so only ....
Recently spent some time to test out few, finally choose a particular shop and bought few units as follows.
Honestly, I was quite surprise over it's sound quality & cheap price Surprised, indeed it's beyond my expectation ! Smile

The packaging quite good, seem to be export model .....

Package include the speaker, cable (USB charger & AUX-IN) and manual

Built quality is good, nice looking design, feel solid & heavy Smile


This device has both bluetooth & mic, so can use as hands-free kit.
Notice the Off button, turn left to activate bluetooth, turn right to play MP3 songs directly (via MicroSD slot), straight forward control buttons.


Light it up, light it up !! Cool

It will blink blue/red continuously to broadcast bluetooth, once paired it will stop blinking


Turn-on phone's bluetooth, scan & wait for a while, should see "S10", just pair it will do Laughing


smilie Sound Testing smilie

Camera Recorder : Panasonic Lumix LX5
Music Type : MP3, 128~196kbps

Other information:
- Recorded in a room
- Device sound volume set to about 80%
- Room aircon sound audible ....

"Beat ... h-h-heartbeat ...My heart starts missing a beat ... My heart starts missing a beat ..." smilie

Enjoy, cheers smilie


Device : Google Nexus4 (JB4.2.2)
Music Player : WinAmp


Device : Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (JB4.1.2)
Music Player : Stock Music Player