Latest MeLE M3 TV media player, outlook and layout design exactly the same like the A100, except now with Dual-Core, 1G RAM, 4G storage, Android JB 4.2.2 (Kernel 3.3) Cool


Also the latest MeLE F10-Pro Air Mouse, now with built-in mic and ear-phone outlet jacket, support Windows/Mac/Linux/Android device Cool


As usual, flash the device to stock English Android version ... Laughing...

Desktop interface very "Win8" look Tongue Out 

After flashing, my supplier also install tons of apps to watch online TV & movies ... Wink ...


Product photos

Actual size compared to Nexus4 phone

Side panel has a USB and a SDMMC slot


Also bought the MeLE F10-Pro 大飞鼠 ("flying mouse") wireless control Cool

This remote control seem compatible with various type of devices as mentioned below ....

The USB connection dongle a bit larger than usual ....

Actual size compared to Nexus4 phone

Basically the design still the same with previous F10 model, improvement in key button's material and colouring for ease of reading

Location of the USB charging, this model also comes with mic & headphone inlet, nice feature Smile


Other latest MeLE product include the higher-end quad-core device and "Wii" like gaming accessaries ....


Will test & post more when I'm back home this month end, stay-tuned ..Smile..