Portable Power Bank - wopow E10000

Too many gadgets, been looking for a reliable portable power bank for emergency use when on-the-move ....
Local supplier recommend this wopow brand, seem to be quite popular here in China, so grab 2 to test/play around Cool

This wopow E1000 model just nice for me, it's rated at 10000mAh, 2xUSB for charging, MicroUSB to charge the battery, nice white glossy finishing, not too big & heavy to carry around Smile


Product Photos


Actual size compared with Nexus4 phone
For a 10000mAh capacity, this nicely designed battery bank is considered small, light and easy to carry around Cool


MicroUSB charging inlet, below it (at the middle) there is aLED light
2xUSB power supply outlet : 1A (normally for mobile phone) & 2A (normally for tablet)


During charging, the small blue LED light will indicate remaining battery level


Hold the round button it will turn on the LED light, useful during blackout or when needed, nice feature Laughing


All kind of portable power bank, batteries & accessaries...
From small to really big capacity, ugly to nice looking, cheap to expensive, you name it, China have it !! Wink


Will test further when I'm back home this month end, stay tuned ....