KingOne 金冠 K5 Bluetooth Portable Speaker  (Made-in-China)

Been seeing many different made/type of speakers in China, some of them are quite good
Like this "KingOne" brand (name seem rather exaggerate to me Sealed), built quality & sound is good, especially the vocal & mid Cool

Product photos & unboxing ...

Packaging is nice, good presentation as well Smile

Metal goldish box, with the logo KingOne 金冠 on top center, looks serious stuff man Tongue Out

Size comparison with Nexus4
There are few colours available, but I personally prefer this colour

Touch feel & built quality is good, doesn't really feel like those typical cheapo speakers Laughing

Power on/off, Line-In, MicroSD & MicroUSB charging, all located at the back

On top panel is for touch control, nice feature indeed Cool

Power up !


I like the vocal & mid-level sound, it's clear, though it has some audible phssing sound while not playing ...
Overall it's good performer, considering it's small, portable to carry, at affordable price Smile


Product Information :


Sound testing videos, enjoy Cool

Camera photo & video : Panasonic LX7 (1080p)
Recording location : In a room 
(room is quite empty, so recorded sound a bit hollow)

Paired with my Zopo ZP980+

Play directly from MicroSD MP3 Songs