Xbox One

During my recent weekend stop-over in HongKong, purposely went to Sham Shui Poh 深水埗 's Golden Computer Centre 高登電腦中心 to buy the newly launched Xbox One game console Cool

Device photo & unboxing ...

I bought the Kinect version, the box is quite heavy though, imagine I have to hand carry to board plane Foot in Mouth


The unit --> Xbox 1 Cool

Size slightly bigger than the previous Xbox 360, modern & straight forward design outlook
Seem to have better ventilation (hopefully), nice outlet layout, cool black with 1/2 portion glossy black, nice Cool


Some accessories & my favorite games ...

Also skali bought some games & accessories Tongue Out


Booting up & setup for the first time ... 

After connected all cables, power-on & boot-up for the first time, MUST connect to internet !

It will ask to connect the controller by long pressing the cool LED "X" button


First time setup, it will need to download some updates, will take some time around 10~15mins ...


Initial setup done Smile


Use the supplied USB cable to charge the controller through the device's rear USB ports
Noticed the special USB cable has yellow (charging) and white (complete) LED indicator, cool Cool


Note that the Xbox1 game somehow quite big and has lots update, ranging from MBs up to GBs Surprised
I remembered some of the game need to download some 1xxMB to about 2GB updates, so have to leave the device on overnight initially just to update games...
So after installing & updating about 6 games, already used about 1/2 of the 500GB HDD space Tongue Out

Anyway, I'm not really a hardcore gamer, only play casually, so those games should last me for quite some time Wink