HP F300 (1080p) In-Car Camcorder

After the previous HP F200 bought few months back, during my recent working trip to Taipei, I went to the same shop @ Guang Hua Digital Plaza 光華數位新天地 and bought the F300 Smile.  My intention is to have the F300 (slightly wider angle and better night vision) for front section, then use the F200 for rear section. 

The following are some test videos during my recent trip to Johor (in playlist).  My ride has tinted screen, so vision might not as clear Tongue Out
No editing, I just uploaded those test videos (3mins per video) directly to YouTube  (try to select 1080p to view the original quality)


Packaging same like the F200


Overall design, size, adapter & menu similar to F200, so no learning curve for me.
The new supplied bracket is smaller now, the seller knew I was return-customer, so he gave me FOC another bigger bracket in case the new smaller bracket can't hold it, nice Laughing

Product Information & Reference:


11 Nov'2014: Captured this road accident @ PJU 8/1 underpass this morning (11 Nov'2014) Surprised
Not sure how the Audi & the lorry collided Innocent  Saw some policemen & plainclothes already there guard the scene, can see & hear more police siren coming from back ...