Yamaha RX-V477  (5.1-Channel Network AV Receiver)  

Time to upgrade my ancient RX-V520 to the latest RX-V477 5.1-channel network AV receiver Laughing

Yeah I'm still having this decade old toys, I was enjoying it watching DVDs in those days Tongue Out
Was too busy in recent years and hardly use it regularly, recently I noticed output sound also got some problem already, so I guess it's time to upgrade ...

Since my current setup is 5.1-channel with concealed cables, also I'm pretty much "adapted" to Yamaha, so I was scouting around with similar budget entry range and it seem this RX-V477 meet my criteria Cool

Product photo


Product information :  http://my.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/rx-v477_g/?mode=model

I particularly like the device's network and connection capabilities, Yamaha also made some rather impressive App to interact with the device
See below my test video with the Yamaha AV Controller App  (no proper external mic so recording sound quality no good)


Yamaha AV Controller App print-screen both on iPhone & Android devices :


Receiver's menu option (as shown on TV screen) :


Able to browse the device on LAN :

2014-06-04 15.07.49-V477.jpg2014-06-04 15.08.04.jpg2014-06-04 15.08.42.jpg2014-06-04 15.09.07.jpg2014-06-04 15.09.14-FW.jpg2014-06-04 15.09.28.jpg2014-06-04 15.10.20.jpg

After setup, I navigate through the menu and performed online firmware update to latest version, nice & cool feature indeed Laughing


As for speaker set, I thought the new receiver will just do fine with my existing old speaker set, but after testing for few days, something not quite right, I'm not getting the usual "sound & feel", it's kinda difficult to explain ... it's like the old speaker is not really "talking/syncing" properly with this new receiver, sound "dry & rough", even ater YPAO setup, still sound like "stranger" to me Frown ... am I too sensitive or just want to find excuse to change the old speaker set ?! Innocent

So went out scouting & more sound tests again ... eventually bite another bullet and grabbed the budget entry Jamo S626-HCS 5.1 set, the design outlook is nice looking and able to blend into my existing furniture well Laughing   (it was on sales comes with Sub210 subwoofer)


After re-setup YPAO and some fine-tune here & there, after few days of "burning & whacking", a-ha that's more like it, now it sounds much better "warm & familiar" to me Laughing
Except for the Sub210 subwoofer, kind of disappointed, still prefer to stick with my old REL Q50 ...

Yeah I know it's an ancient toys Tongue Out  touch wood it's still kicking strong until now, it's still "survive" after 2 rounds of upgrade Wink

Alright, now I can sit back and enjoy favorite movies on my Panasonic P60ST60, black-very-black I like it Cool


Everything is ready now, awaiting the up-coming World Cup 2014 ... GOALLLLLL !!!!! Laughing