Yamaha MCR-B142  Micro Component Audio System

Bluetooth, CD (MP3/WMA), USB, AUX-in, iPhone/iPod docking, Radio  +  Yamaha DTA Controller App
Stylish & fashionable micro audio system Laughing

(Recorded with old Canon FS100 with external mic for better sound quality but picture quality not so good ...)

View below in case the above YT is blocked (bloody YT always block my sound test video Yell)

After upgraded my AV system to Yamaha RX-V477 about 1/2 year ago, was looking for a compact mini audio system to place around my working desk area.  Main purpose is able to stream music using my Android devices from my NAS and also listen to internet radio.  Actually I saw this model a while ago, didn't really test it as I thought it's just too small for good sound.  Recently by chance I tested it through my phone sample songs via bluetooth, I was impressed with the sound quality, especially it's clarity with rich bass-reflex, really can't imagine it's coming from a small speaker like this, somemore complete with unique stylish design Kiss   so eventually I bought it, black color of course Cool

Product photo


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